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Two Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Car Boot Liner

One of the best ways of keeping your boot clean and prevent it from getting damaged by spills or mud is by using a boot liner. The boot liners will also protect the boot carpet from getting damaged by sharp objects that you may be carrying at the back. By using a boot liner, you will keep the car clean and potentially increase its resale value.

You will come across a variety of boot liners in the market. You should research well to find the right boot liner to purchase. When you have various liners to purchase, consider the two points below.

Size of the Liners
The type of vehicle you have will determine the kind of boot line to purchase. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an OEM or aftermarket boot liner as long as its specifically designed for the type of car you have. Any stains that may be on the boot carpet will be neatly covered when you install the boot liner.

However, when it comes to cost, universal liners are cheaper than OEM ones. Your vehicle boot is likely to be covered by most universal liners. However, the look of the liners is slightly rougher than OEM liners.

Universal liners can be trimmed to the shape and size of the boot of any car.

Type of Material
Apart from the size, it’s important to check the material used to make the boot liner you wish to buy. Majority of boot liners in the market are made from flexible rubber since they have to take the shape of the boot. The flexibility of rubber makes it an excellent material for boot liners since you want them to easily fit any car boot.

Rubber is water-resistant and hence excellent for preventing spills from damaging the boot carpet. However, while the liners can be easily rolled when you want to remove them, they can be quite heavy.

LDPE, which stands for low-density polyethylene, is the other material used to make boot liners. The LDPE is used in manufacture of most aftermarket boot liners and looks like plastic. The material is easy and cost-effective to work with. The material can be easily formed into different shapes.

Finally, you also have an option of choosing carpet boot liners. Like you may have guessed, these liners are covered by a thick carpet. Carpet boot liners standout with their soft, less utilitarian look. However, they still do a great job of protecting the original carpet in the car’s boot.

To find the right boot liner to purchase, you need to research well. Follow the tips above when comparing various boot liners.

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